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About me

I am Sir Walter.  I earned Knighthood many years ago by order of the Stag.  I have since given my full self over to the Knights Templar International.  Our Governing Body Is The Grand Rosslyn Priory.  This new time will be won by iron disipline and the continuity of effective, experienced and wise leadership.


Western Civilization is entering a period of existential crisis.  A convergence of external and internal catastrophes is leading inexorably to a time when the survival of Christendom will only be secured by dedicated militancy in the teeth of demonic evil. - Knight Templar International.


To be placed into Knighthood one must be put there by a King or a Knight.  Since I am a true Knight previously by order of the Stag and now with KTI, I am more more than capable to perform such a grand duty for you.  Becoming a member of the Knights Templar International is one step.  Step two is to be placed into Knighthood by a King or Knight and by oath to God.

Welcome to the Kingdom.

Membership of KTI's Governing body is open to Christian Men of any Nationality or Ethnicity, co-opted and replaced purely on the grounds of merit by majority vote of the member of the Grand Priory of Rosslyn itself, with outgoing members in good standing having the right to take part in the choosing of their replacements, who shall come from withen the ranks of Knight Commander.

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